The Brave, the Wuss and the Blue Cheese

Change, debate, vote, and let’s leave it to the power of rakyat in this beloved democratic Malaysia to decide. Dare to change, dare to give the change a chance to prove how their new way of doing things can give us a better Malaysia. We can always go back to the old way if the new method does not work. The power should be in our hands. It does not matter which teams, what matters is how they run things.
The law is made by humans, to be used by humans. But it can also be abused by humans with enough power. It is different compared to the words of Allah, which cannot be changed at all and should be followed to the dot.
We make a change, and let’s give those with proper credentials and actually know how to do the job take the job. Let bakers bake, let painters paint, and let scientist do science. So, let the business people run the business, and let managers manage. We have enough JUSA grade staff to man the administration office and enough CEO to run businesses. They don’t come cheap as it is. Let they use their vast experience to good use, be it management, economy, defense, science, environment or any other sectors. Trust them, they know their job and know it well.
So why put some YB with just any background or worse, shady credentials on the pay roll for reason as simple (read : stupid) as ‘we need to monitor the department or the GLC’. YBs are selected to the post by the rakyat, with the hopes that they can bring their voice and concern to the parliament, and hopefully at the end of the day, they can help the rakyat live a better life. But if they are so busy getting ridiculous salary, and thus, need very seriously to spend the cash, they would not have time to care for the rakyat who voted for them now do they? They need to spend their ridiculous salary, otherwise they need to answer to the treasury department.
So, in the end, the newly elected Minister or CEO of GLC are so busy, they then hire representative to take care of their constituents. Now it all makes sense. They get paid ridiculous salary to sit in nice office and look smart, so to be fair, they also hire other people to do the same. The smart representative then goes out to look smart and represent the boss.
We are damn lucky if we get good representative who is actually doing his job. But not all field are full of green grass and red roses, some are actually turning into barren land that is no good at all. You can’t give important jobs that bear so much weight to just any monkey that fan your backside. Some of us still have yet to have clean running water into their houses after all the many years of independence. Some houses get flooded multiple times in one year. When the times come for annual goody packs distribution (Hari Raya, CNY, back to school, flood season), some houses have never even seen the pack much less get visited despite they genuinely need the help. Do all these sound like a job well done?
NGOs like Ebit Lew and Uncle Kentang made headlines in social medias whenever they help someone, with thousands questioning why there is need for these people to be helped in the first place. A family with kids and elderly living in dumpsite for many years, another family living in tent in some remote rubber plantation. YBs are not welfare department, fair enough. But YBs are elected by the rakyat to serve the rakyat. They should make time to go around and get to know what is going on in their constituents. They should do their job, not busy fighting for a second job.
It’s not that we cannot elect YB to chair a ministry or manned a GLC, but credentials and experience matter. An excellent example is the DG of Health, who calmly handled press conference on daily basis (which we eagerly look forward to every day) and answer probing questions brilliantly. Now that’s a man who does his homework. This is NOT to say that the relevant minister couldn’t do the job. But this is an example of how capable our administrative people are. They have been doing their job for so many years and they know what they are talking about. Elect YB based on his or her genuine credential, NOT for political reason. Not everything is about politics. If you don’t have what it takes to do the job, please only do your primary job and leave the chair to those who fits it.
YB is Yang Berhormat, but also translated as Yang Berkhidmat or those who serve. The rakyat elected one of their people to represent them, NOT going for the YB title just so they can get more money that comes with the power. They get paid to represent the rakyat, and paid handsomely at that.
The practice of picking YB and dropping them at the chairs of minister or GLC director on a whim (or rather the whine of your party-partner) must be stopped. When you give pretty flower to a monkey, they feed it to the cows in their condominium. Submarines can be bought cheap enough with plenty of leftover to pocket. Hell, you can dedicate a whole piece of land for foreigners at the right price. Pretty sad considering some genuine citizen could not even afford to have proper roof above their head, much less owning a piece of land.
Even more sad is the one with power can get away with almost anything. Funny how a father who stole formula milk for his hungry baby was sentenced to prison, but when you are the family member of the ones with power, you get way by simply returning the money albeit the promised return value is way lower than the value stolen. Oh wait, the money is not actually stolen but given. What a wonderful world we live in, can the rest of us get some? The wuss gets cast aside, the blue cheese gets crushed but the brave moves forward.
Dare to change. Make a better world for our future generation. Good values matter.
By Otai Media

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