Emosional Crisis of Mahathir

The whole nation is talking about Tun M and 4 of his comrades, BERSATU Deputy President, Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir; ARMADA Chief, Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman; Member of MPT, Dr Maszlee Malik and Kubang Pasu MP, Datuk Amiruddin Hamzah who have automatically lost their BERSATU membership when they decided to change sides during Titah Diraja in the 3rd 14th Parliamentary meeting on May 18th, 2020.
But, putting the emotional likes and dislikes aside, are we aware of the real issue here? The fact is, Tun himself resigned, not fired or terminated, but resigned. And the YDPA accepted the resignation as Perdana Menteri. Despite a lot of turmoil following the decision, Tun is adamant and resigned as the 7th Prime Minister. The YDPA then gave his consent to elect Tun as Interim PM until a new one is elected.
Now, if you are an employer, would you be willing to re-hire someone who resigned without any concrete reason and left your company in complete chaos? It’s a difficult comparison though, as politics is a totally different ballgame, and Prime Minister is not exactly just any position. But you get the point. It’s like you bake a cake, and then leave it on the table. The kid next door comes and eat it whole. There, it’s done.
Tun gave up the position, and also as chairman of the party on February 2020. “Dr Mahathir resigns – New Straits Times, Feb 24th 2020. And on Feb 27th 2020, Tun M made a U-turn by re-accepting the post of Pengerusi BERSATU after being pushed by party leaders.
It’s not nice isn’t it, when the rakyat have elected you via a proper democratic process then you resigned according to your whim. That whim of yours caused a lot of turmoil and upside-downs from the management to economic sectors while we at that same time are facing the COVID-19 pandemic.
The rakyat has spoken, and the rakyat elected MPs and leaders based on faith. The 14th GE saw the fall of a 60 year old government, and this is not based on emotion. You don’t get to show tantrum just because you don’t like someone, and you definitely should not simply resign. To make matters worse, you now play U-turn and claim innocence.
Tun, as the only twice-elected PM with a long history as Nation leader you should be more responsible. Whatever your decision was when you resigned, it cannot be undone. You have more than enough strength and advantages to overcome whatever obstacles or issues in the government that you formed along with the other coalition parties. Any back-stabbing, left or right-punch, squeezing and slamming should have been dealt with within the team. But Tun decided to resign.
The picture that many saw and interpreted was that Tun is desperately trying to avoid his pre-determined successor from getting the post. You couldn’t play the game when you have already known how it should end in the first place. It’s like when you have agreed to bake a cheese cake, bought all the ingredients and then half-way through decided ooh I don’t want to make a cheese cake because I don’t like the taste of cheese. How could that be??
For someone elected to the position by democratic action, stepping down is not an option only you can decide. You have the whole team behind you, and the rakyat who are watching your every move. This is a country we are talking about. Mine and yours, and everybody else’s. The fate of this country depends on a lot of factors, and who’s helming the nation is definitely one of the significant factors.
The impact is huge. Political stability, economic stability. The risk is high, and it gets higher if this issue is still playing. Tun is seen to drag us back into this political game, somehow trying to win the throne back. The PH team seems to be sending a different signal. So, what are you trying to do here, winning the throne with a different army? Or merely to rock the boat on TSMY’s team?
Now Tun appears to be declaring war against Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin as the 8th PM and his team, despite Tun made a statement earlier agreeing for TSMY to replace him as PM. “Dr M: Muhyiddin can become candidate for PM – The Star, Feb 28th 2020”.
When this happens, the perception of many is Tun has gone crazy or power-hungry, egoistic, and selfish. Is this the true self of a National figure, who led this country for 23 years and then made history by getting re-elected for the second time, and who has made many of us proud to have him as the 7th PM.
On top of that, the opposition team has been calling the new government as a back-door government, and the government without the rakyat’s mandate. If that is so, then what are you going to call the YDPA? The YDPA gave his consent to this new government after the last government lost their PM who resigned, so now he is also back-door King?
Recall your Rukun Negara. The second one says “Kesetiaan kepada Raja dan Negara” or Loyalty to the King and Country. Stick to this. The YDPA made his decision in line with our existing Perlembagaan, and his decision should be free from any political influences.
We also have LTTE issue, Chin Peng, ICERD, Dong Zong, UEC, Human Resource Ministry who is said to be filled with only one race, DAP minister who claimed that the Malay race is immigrant, issue of using Bahasa Mandarin and Tamil in formal letters, Jawi writing issue, signboard issue in PBL area, and a whole lot more issues that are up-setting and challenge the Malay race.
Mahathir failed to put a stop to these issues from becoming more serious, and it is clear that serious racial disputes are surfacing especially in social media.
So please, step down Tun. Stepping down does not mean that your voice will not be heard, but isn’t this a prefect time for you to rest after a long 20 something years of helming this proud Nation. We will never forget your countless contribution to this beloved Nation. Or maybe the new government that you are now trying to upset can elect you as Supreme Mentor so that your ideas can continue to help build better Malaysia.
The people surrounding Tun should stop influencing and manipulating Tun. Let him rest. Enough is enough. You can do your politics on your own. Come out from the shadow and swim for your own race. The race is big enough to accommodate you.
Snakes never lose their venom, no matter how many times or how small a hole that they slipped through. The great tree chooses where to grow and we find it there, so it is with the greatness in men.
By Otai Media

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